Fitting - a part intended for attachment to pipe of fittings pipes, another pipes and purging.

The main task of fitting is to connect securely several parts of the same or different diameter pipelines between themselves and their attachment to various tanks, compartments and special equipment.

Fittings are made of carbon steel and alloy steel by machine processing of a blank on a lathe tool. They are used in gas pipelines, oil pipelines and water pipelines of high, medium and low pressure.

Design and dimensions in the manufacture of fittings shall conform to the requirements of standards and regulatory and technical documents.

There are three main types of fittings according to the manufacturing method:

  1. Welded fitting

    serves to bind the branches of the pipeline, joining valves, taps. This type is used for installation of pressure gauges on the pipeline and process equipment. The shape of the other end of fitting depends on the method of joining to the subsequent part. For example, at one end of the welded fitting can be cut internal or external thread. They are used in a wide temperature range at the nominal pressure of 16 MPa. They have different climatic modification in accordance with GOST. Welded fittings are made of stainless steel or alloy steel.
  2. Transition fitting

    is used to interconnect elements of the pipeline system. It can connect parts of the same diameter and different diameters. Transition pipe fittings are used to connect pipes to various tanks and devices, they can be used for discharging water or steam, water extraction from the pipeline in order to change its pressure.
  3. Swivel fitting

    serves to create a rotary joint in the pipeline which is necessary for feeding gas, liquid or vapor into the movable system node. The design of the swivel fitting depends on the direction of operating fluid flow. Fittings of this type are designed for bidirectional liquids, they prevent leakage and mixing of the operating fluid at the inlet and outlet.
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