18 august 2017

“Atlantes” can handle difficult tasks

In the area of construction for gas, oil, chemistry, power and atomic industry branches products of the technical production group “Atlant”, the manufacturer of connection parts and pipe lines, are to be pointed out thanks to being demanded for and quality. It's of high importance that the company specializes in production of customized pipe line parts, products made upon drawings and details made of special steels.

High capacity and competence

Nearly for ten years of its existance the company ZАО «PТО «Atlant» has developed production capacity which allows to manufacture over 7 000 tons of products yearly. In the production areas of the company there are over 100 units of modern equipment both of local producers and from abroad which let design and accomplish solutions of practically any level of difficulty. The range of names of details manufactured includes over 200 positions. The company PTO «Atlant» delivers its products all over Russia and to near and far abroad as well. Delivery within rather a short period of time is guaranted by its own vehicles and great experience of managing transport via car, railway, river and sea, and air. There are the following quality management systems at the plant: GOST R ISO 9001-2011, TUV EN ISO 9001:2008, and GASPROMCERT ISO 9001-2011. In 2016 the company got the official document issued by ООО «Samara ITC» stating the correspondence with the technical conditions of the company to the requirements of the company PАО «NC «Rosneft».

Key projects

Collaboration of the company ZАО «PТО «Atlant» is build with many companies of Russia and countries of CIS which are leaders in their fields of activity. Manufacturing and delivery of high and low pressure pipe lines, circulation pipe lines accomplished by the company PТО «Atlant» were carried out for such projects as project 22220 — construction of the atomic ice breaker (FGUP «Atomflot»), construction of the Sevastopol PGU-thermal power station and Simferopol PGU-thermal power station (ОАО «VО Technopromexport»), Yakutskaya GRES-power plant-2 (PАО «RusGidro»), Ekibastuzskaya GRES-power plant-1 (АО «Samruk-Energo», Kazakhstan), Krasnodar thermal power plant (ООО «LUKOIL-Kubanenergo»), Syrdarinskaya thermal power plant (GAK «Uzbekenergo»), South-Ural GRES-power plant-2 (ОАО «OGK-3»), Huadyan-Teninskaya thermal power plant (ОАО «ТGК-2» and corporation «Huadyan», China).

The central combined heat and power supply plant enlarged the portfolio

In 2017 within the project of modernization of the «Central combined heat and power supply plant» of the branch in the company ОАО «ТGК-1» with the construction of the thermal gas turbine power station the company ZАО «PТО «Atlant» fulfilled the production and delivery of 184 tons of high and low pressure pipe lines. The contract for the service mentioned was signed by the company with the general subcontractor of construction works ZAO «Managing company of unified Petersburg energetic construction consortium» (ZАО «UC ОPEC»). The volume of delivery carried out by the company PТО «Atlant» included the pipe lines for the organization of the gas establishment and the platform for technological pipe lines; for the construction of the main building pipe lines of gas fuel were delivered to the gas turbine unit, as well as the technological pipe lines within the area of the gas establishment, gas pipe lines, pipe lines of net water supply, report forms for the compensators, pipe lines for the feed water, pipe lines for the net water supply for internal needs, pipe lines of recirculation of the net water supply of the kettle KV-GM-140-150, pipe lines of the net water supply of the intermediate circuit, pipe lines of drainage and the air taps of the net water supply, platforms of the technological pipe lines, pipe lines from the main building towards the existing mazut-pumping area. While carrying out the duties in accordance with the contract with the company ZАО «UC ОPEC» the team of the company PТО «Atlant» faced the technical difficulty of the equipment production and the necessity to its delivery to the construction area within rather a short period of time. Thanks to its own production facilities and qualified technical specialists available the company PТО «Atlant» managed to cope with all hurdles and complete the task successfully. During the realization of the project ZАО «PТО «Atlant» actively collaborated with the projecting institute АО «Teploelectroproject Institute», the general designer of the modernization of the Central combined heat and power supply plant. In particular the specialists of the company coordinated with the colleagues the technical points of the equipment (compensators), which contributed to the fact, that the company ZАО «PТО «Atlant» was the first to become the supplier among the rest of the rivals after an open competition had taken place.

Collaboration only with perspectives

Interests of clients have always been and are of highest importance for the company ZАО «PТО «Atlant». The company intends to establish exclusively long-term relationships, therefore it strives to meet clients' demands as fully as possible, delivers high quality standards and service, offers mutually beneficial conditions for collaboration and is ready for dealing with challenging tasks and projects if necessary.


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