Plugs and heads
Plugs and heads
Plug – a part intended for closing the ends of pipes. Plugs are widely used in factories of energy, oil and gas industry.

They are typically manufactured by stamping sheet metal. Carbon and low-alloy steels are used for their manufacturing. The design and dimensions of the plugs must comply with the regulatory and technical documents.

There are following types of plugs:

  1. Elliptical plugs

    They are made by stamping, the desired item of specified sizes is squeezed out by a hydraulic press. They work in a wide temperature range with nominal pressure up to 16 MPa.
  2. Flat welded plugs and welded plugs with reinforcing ribs

    They are made of carbon and low alloy steels. They are made of rolled sheet, either of a segment of seamless or electric-welded pipes, inside which is welded a steel disc. They are used in low-pressure pipes, for example, heating systems, hot and cold water supply. They can be of diameter from 50 mm to 1420 mm with operating pressure up to 4 MPa.
  3. Flange plugs

    They are made by turning, hot stamping, by gas cutting of steel sheet or of high-quality metal. They are manufactured in several designs: for oval gasket, raised face, with a raised ring (tongue) and depression (groove), male and female. They can be used in a wide temperature range at nominal pressure of 16 MPa.
  4. Spectacle blinds

    They are made by machine processing of a blank. They consist of three parts: a ring, a connecting part and a blind part. The liquid flow is blocked by mounting the blind part into the flange connection and opens by installation of the revolving part of the plug with a hole. Usually, the spectacle plugs are used in pipes, where are carried some technical works in order to temporarily stop the flow of a moving medium.
  5. Head

    Part of the pipeline, designed to overlap the end sections of the pipeline, various tanks and reservoirs.
Depending on the purpose and operating conditions heads are of different shape:

  • elliptic;
  • spherical;
  • torispherical;
  • flat;
  • conical.
Elliptical heads are used most often.

Elliptical heads are made in accordance with GOST 6533-78, GOST R 52630-2006, OST 26-291-94 and are widely used in chemical, petrochemical, gas production and oil refining industries. They are made by hot stamping of carbon and alloy steels.

Torispherical heads are made according to GOST 52630-2006 and 14249-89 and are widely used in the pharmaceutical and food industries. They are produced by cold rolling followed by heat treatment.

Spherical heads are made according to GOST R 52630-¬2012, OST 26-291-94 and are used in the pharmaceutical and food industries, as well as to create architectural forms.

When ordering heads, you should pay attention to the basic size, the need of edging and descaling as well as additional testing.
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