One of the biggest advantages of the production-technical association "Atlant" is the organization of supply to industrial facilities as soon as possible. This is achieved by selecting the optimal type of vehicle, which performs delivery.

Currently we have the experience of organizing delivery by road, rail, water and air transport.

With the experience of the company "Atlant" during the organization of the delivery it must be noted that the choice of vehicle depends on the following criteria:

  1. urgency of delivery
  2. access paths to the supply facilities (availability of roads, sea routes, account of climatic conditions)
  3. weight and dimensions of cargo
  4. delivery distance
  5. location of the supply facilities relatively to the transportation lines

Delivery by road is the most universal type of transportation. Compared with other types of delivery this type is used most frequently. Relatively small load capacity is compensated by high maneuverability and the ability to deliver goods right to the facilities. Road transportation also has an advantage over other types in case of small lots supply.

In case of access restriction to the site or inability to access the site in vehicles we can offer you delivery by rail. It is also convenient concerning the fact that the railway can deliver large consignments regardless of weather conditions.

Water transport is distinguished by a great opportunity of shipping high-tonnage goods over long distances.

If there is a need in delivery of small volume goods as soon as possible, we recommend you to pay attention to shipping by air. It is important to note that air transportation is irreplaceable in case of supplying goods to the island part of the country.

Addressing the managers of the company "Atlant", you can be sure that you will get quality products in compliance with all terms of delivery.

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